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Getting back into the swing of things was a total slaughter. My slaughter unfortunately. I’m down wm over 2,579 hands which is a nice -3.69BB/100. I’m sure there is a lot of bad decisions in there I just need to go track them all down.

I started reading SSHE again of course. Even my starting hand selection is a bit rusty. Lucky for me its a bit rusty on the tight side.

Some totally random and meaningless statistics from those hands:

I received AA 13 times and won 12 times. The one loss was a bigger loss than any single win.

I am -27.00 on AKs. AK combined is +4.25.

I am -54.75 on AQs. AQ combined is -48.00.

While the actual numbers are somewhat meaningless I’m going to guess I’m pushing my big starting hands way too far when they only materialize into something small with a scary board. That one AA loss in particular was a board of entirely uncoordinated low cards, but the villain hit a set on the turn.

You guys might have to endure a few hand histories and some introspection. And of course once I get back in better poker shape I’ll have the triumphant break even post.

It’s been a long time. I’m pretty sure somewhere buried in this blog is the last time I played some poker. I finally got everything sorted with my NETeller account and went back to the tables. I said good-bye to Party Poker one last time and drained my account. For the time being I am still a US player so, just like for many of you, it is no longer an option.

It’s interesting to see all of the shifts since I last played. Poker Stars is now at number one and Full Tilt Poker is now the second largest online poker room in the world. Wow! Awesome job guys! I’d also like to take this chance to thank both Full Tilt Poker and Poker Source Online for supporting my blog. I’ve been a little bit lax after my move, but things have settled down enough to spend some time updating.

I thought I might be a little rusty after taking such a long break. Most of the decisions are easy, but I’ve completely forgotten my odds. Time to go back and review!

Finally I want to thank everyone that’s been supporting me for the last couple of years. Thank you for reading, thank you for commenting, and thank you for supporting my sponsers! If no one ever read this it would be much less fun.

Time to get back to it. There’s not any interesting stories to tell yet!

With my camera broken I haven’t been able to take any pictures in a while. I am getting a new one this week. However, a friend of mine took a great shot me in Kamakura.

Since I recently got down to my final target weight this is probably a good “now” picture.

Me in Kamakura.

The speech contest is next week. I’ll certainly have something to write about after that is all over!


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