RE: Jamie Sihoki Gold Sued

Here’s some more good info on the Jamie Gold lawsuit from our good friends at Wicked Chops, and even more from those krone-schmucks at Pokerati.

As I dig more into this, it’s becoming clear that Jamie Gold certainly is no Greg Raymer (and that with Gold’s “win” Bodog officially becomes the bad-boys). But at the same time, I am wondering about the reasons behind the suit. Was Crispin Leyser unhappy with his promised “half” coming after-taxes? Surely that can’t be it … so obviously Crispin knows something we don’t.

Will be fun when it all becomes part of the public record.

Show Us the Money!

You would think as much trouble as we had working with Harrahs this wsop, they could get something right..Where is Our Money…I havent even received the check that most dealers got Aug 10th for our hourly rate.

And so its easy to assume I havent received my check for the two weeks I dealt the main event..

I talked to some dealer friends some have checks,which most say are short downs…most doesnt.

So I guess Harrahs made plenty interest off our money,just as they did the players..

And before you ask..Yes I filled out all …

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A Source familiar with sbobet UFP

I was working on a campaign story many years ago when a press agent called. My tiny station covered the sbobet buckle of the corn belt, though everyone there was in suspenders. The Democrat hailed from the west end of the state where people were as sparse as real breasts in Vegas. The Republican served as mayor in the city that housed the capital and the state university. The agent was from one of those campaigns.

By mid-October I hadn’t endeared myself to either side. I’d only arrived in the state in August, and in just two months I’d embarrased one guy with comments he’d made about state employees, while the other threatened to kick me out of a press conference. Still, I knew the guys they’d hired to schmooze the media and even us rural mid-state stations got a hand job sometimes.


These days I devour political news. I actually do less and less political reporting, but I keep tabs on everything I can. Sometimes though the real story isn’t in WHAT’S reported…but HOW we hear the lead.

Here’s an example from this Sunday’s WASHINGTON POST

US OFFICIALS SAY, “What we expected to achieve was never realistic …

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The Monty slot hoki Memorial (Luckbox’s Report)

Well, I did just about as poorly as I thought I would. I won one showdown. You can read that again. I finished 37th out of 77. Here’s the raw report:

Took 4 hands for the table to see the first flop… I raised on the button with A-Q off, and got re-raised. I called, the flop was garbage. He bet 100 and I folded. Not worth it. It took 6 hands for us to see a turn. I’d say our table is tight.

Big Slick in early position. Raise 3x and called. Flop is slot hoki I bet 75 and the guy comes over the top all-in. I fold. Not worth it. He claims KJ. It’s mstephen, same guy who beat me last time.

I’m already down to 1175… Only really played two hands, AQ and AK, both times forced off. Could be a long night (um… I mean short tourney).

I limped with suited connectors and, of course, got raised. That’s it, time to play the only strategy I know. Fold, fold, fold.

Hammer in the BB. Everyone folds… HAMMER wins.

I just realized if the table is going to be very tight, I need to adjust and …

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Perfect Lips – Reality or Fantasy?

Within all races and cultures, certain features of the female physique have been considered to be attractive. Certainly, in addition to larger upper face, smaller lower face and petite nose, one of those features are large, full lips. No wonder that our fascination with lips continues to this day. Since the beginning of time, women used covering agents and, more recently, lipstick to enhance the appearance of this compelling esthetic unit. These methods are here to stay as their success has proven their role in beauty allure. At the same time, the quest for the perfect lip continues. More recently, volumetric lip rejuvenation has entered to a mainstream approach for achieving optimal esthetic lip with natural feel and appearance. Learn more on Sounds good? Check more to learn about best filler for face volume

Eyes are the window the person’s soul but the lips are the central feature of the lower third of the face and when full and well defined, they portray a sense of youth, health, attractiveness and sexuality. It is critical to understand the lip architecture – ever so important balance of shape and fullness and its place and proportions within the facial contours. The lips should …

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A Word on Retro togel hongkong hari ini

Maybe you’ve always wanted to play blackjack but you’re a little intimidated. You’ve read up on strategy and have played friendly games at home wagering with peanuts. You’re still a little worried about starting a real game, though, partly because of the money involved. There are two ways to handle this problem. The first, as I have written about before, is by playing free online blackjack. Most online casinos have free blackjack games that you can play using fake money. The free games give you the change to practice your basic strategy without risking any of your money.

Once you have that down, though, you will logically want to step up to a real money game. While the upside of the free blackjack games is that you don’t risk losing any money, the downside is that you can’t win any money, either. With real money games, there is greater risk but there is also greater reward.

It would be foolish to go straight from the free games to high-stakes togel hongkong hari ini tables. Betting hundreds on each hand may not be a good idea for anyone and if it is, it’s only for the rich and experienced blackjack players. …

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Review of More Hold’em Excellence

More Hold’em Excellence is renowned Card Player author Lou Krieger’s follow-on to his book Hold’em Excellence. While the first was an introduction playing a winning game of Texas Hold’em, the second goes further than just the basics, attempting to impart the correct decision making skills in the reader so they can take their game to an even higher level.

I would divide this book into three sections. The first section deals with some review material and gives general advice on topics like position, what decisions are more important, being aggressive, etc.. In my opinion, the review material is tedious in any sequel such as this one, but it was probably the publisher’s decision to include it. It’s also short enough not to be terribly distracting. The general advice looks generally correct to me, but most players who have played a little and read Krieger’s previous book, Hold’em Excellence, and have played a bit are likely to be able to answer a reasonable quiz on the section without having read it.

What I would categorize as the second section deals with starting hands and how they relate to position in more depth than in the author’s previous book. Most of the …

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When to Play Q

I’ve been talking a lot of trash about doing an analysis of a specific hold’em hand, and it’s time for me to put up or shut up. A few columns ago, I asked for suggestions on hands to analyze, and mentioned that Q-J (offsuit) might be a good starting point. Not surprisingly, Q-J turned out to be the leading vote getter. So, my short career as an objective pollster didn’t last long, but I do have a few observations to make about Q-J.

I’ve done two things with Q-J that I hope will be helpful. First, I’ve consulted the hold’em strategy books on my bookshelf, to find areas where there is a consensus about how the hand should be played preflop in limit games. Second, I’ve run some simulations to learn a little more about Q-J’s fate on the flop and beyond. There are other things we could do to learn more about when and how to play Q-J. These are just the two that fit in my column this month.

One of the reasons I picked Q-J is because it’s so tricky to play well. Every hand must pay its share of blinds, and even the worst hands will …

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Clint Dempsey Loan Should Spark Form for the American Ahead of Situs Domino99 World Cup

Any time a major star of the MLS decides to go on a winter loan, eyebrows are raised all throughout the country. There is that uneasy feeling that perhaps American soccer is not good enough to satisfy the player, there is concern that perhaps the loan could morph into a permanent move, and then there is always that fear that the player could suffer a traumatic injury. Such a tragic event forced David Beckham to miss an entire season for the LA Galaxy and the World Cup in 2010, when he was hurt on loan with AC Milan. But now Clint Dempsey, the shining beacon of American soccer, has decided to head out back across the pond to play for Fulham in the English Premier League again. What could this move possibly hold for the future of the player and the World Cup hopes for America?

Clint Dempsey leaves Spurs

At first glance the Clint Dempsey loan is a bit heartbreaking. Here is the finest player of the country, just 6 months removed from his massive big money move to Seattle Sounders, now turning his back on the club to play again at Fulham. You begin to wonder whether his …

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Togel Hongkong

Blackjack Card Counting – Different Togel Hongkong Methods

Blackjack card counting is one of the only guaranteed methods of beating any casino game and it’s 100% legal as well, meaning learning this skill is an extremely sought-after thing to have and learn. There are many different methods of learning how to do this — some more effective than others — and I’m going to talk about a few of them in this short card counting article.

Since the inception of the game of blackjack, people have spent countless hours attempting to learn the skill of card counting in order to cash in big at the expense of the casino. While there have been many methods of doing this over the years, few have been very easy for the average human being to learn.

And when we’re talking about card counting in this article, I want to stress that we’re focusing on the legal means of doing this, meaning no electronic aids or other instruments are used in the process. If you are wanting to learn card counting using an electronic aid or other computerised device, please remember that in doing so you are actually breaking the law and can be sent to prison for quite some time for …

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2022 Wall Calendars

10 Basketball Skills You should Learn and Buy 2022 Wall Calendars

Learning how to play basketball is learning its fundamentals. Here are those: 1. Dribbling – is important to penetrate to the hoop, move the ball across the court, get away from the defense, and find a good passing lane. There are different types of dribbles: • change-of-pace, • crossover dribble, • behind the back, • pull back dribble, • low dribble, • basic dribble, • between the legs dribble 2. Passing – A good offensive attack requires good passing from players. This helps find an open man, to find a good shooter or to get away from a defender. Interest in buying 2022 Wall Calendars ?

There are several types of passes you need to learn: • Overhead Pass • Chest Pass • Push Pass • Baseball Pass • Off-the-Dribble Pass • Bounce Pass 3. Shooting – The object of the game is to win by scoring the most points. Therefore, improving the team’s shooting is important to win a game. There are several ways to score in the game: • Jump Shot • Dunk • Alley oop • Free throw • Layup • Three-Point Shot • Hook Shot 4. Rebounding – is essential to gain or regain possession after …

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