Friday’s Are Fun At Bingo Fun with에볼루션

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에볼루션, the online bingo hall, are giving away a guaranteed prize of $400 every Friday, with the chance of a $4,000 jackpot.

Friday’s really are more fun than any other day of the week. Most people have finished work for the week and are ready to enjoy a great weekend, so how about $400 to kickstart your weekend? how about $4,000! to really get you into the swing of things? Well that’s what is on offer at Bingo Fun every Friday.

Here’s how it works:

The Red Light Special jackpot game has a $4,000 jackpot up for grabs plus a guaranteed prize of $400, that’s correct, someone MUST win at least $400 in this game every Friday evening at 8pm (Eastern time), this is a 25cent game.

Bingo Fun have several other great prizes and jackpots up for grabs, so not only is it worth staying home this Friday evening, you may want to check out some of the other promotions on offer throughout the week:

Try the Smiley Face pattern game every Saturday at 8pm (Eastern) for a $200 prize

On Sunday, how about the High 5 game? You could win $500.

Have a limited budget? Try and Hang Max every Tuesday and Thursday in the penny games.

Bingo Fun are clearly taking on some of the market leaders with their new promotions. If you haven’t got a Bingo Fun account, check out our review and sign up today for a 100% cash match bonus on your first deposit.

$300,000 given away daily in 2005 at Bingo 777

Bingo777Bingo players are in for a treat at Bingo777 in 2005, not only are players rewarded with a 110% sign up bonus, they can expect huge prizes as Bingo777 are giving away up to $300,000 daily.

If you check the latest news at Bingo777 you’ll see that the fun doesn’t end there. The start of 2005 looks very hectic and that means lots of different games and promotions for bingo players. There are lots of free card giveaways, special events for the Superbowl, incredibly good value penny card games and what promises to be great fun in the quiz called Trivia Hall Wars.

Bingo777 have six progressive casino en ligne francaisjackpots running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – all year!

All new player deposits qualify for the 110% bonus, for example:

If you deposit $30, you will get $33 in bonus.

Subsequent deposits qualify for an extra 60% bonus, for example:

If you make a second deposit of $30, you will get $18 in bonus.

Bingo777 is one the longest running, most respected bingo halls on the internet.


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