The magic of sensors and advanced algorithms packed into a simple intuitive experience.

How does it work ?
We add a small camera, a powerful lightweight computer and a bit of RC electronics to safely takeover some of the channels that control the viewing angle of the camera (gimbal pan/tilt and drone orientation). You can then use your Android phone or tablet to see a video stream from your rig and select the subject that you are filming.

As you fly your drone, the SHIFT uses high-speed vision algorithms to start learning a model of your subject using pixel and lighting information and can robustly ensure that your camera stays framed perfectly on the subject. Since the SHIFT uses pixel level information of the image, it is able to track any arbitrary object in most scenes. Of course there are limitations when it comes to highly cluttered scenes and occlusions but we’re working to make our tracking algorithms as robust as possible.

How does the SHIFT power itself ?
Our system has a battery built into it. The battery should last upwards of an hour, which is equal to three or four flights with most common flight batteries.
How much does it weigh?
The total weight of the whole system (including battery) is less than 200g.
What drones do you support?
Currently, we have support for the 3DR IRIS+ and the DJI Phantom. If you use another aerial filming rig, perhaps larger filming rigs for bigger cameras, contact us at hello@perceptivlabs.com.
Is this like GPS-Follow Me?
This is not a follow-me drone. We’re giving film-makers full creative control over the shot while taking over the heavy lifting of complex control. GPS is simply not accurate enough to precisely “frame” an aerial shot. It also assumes that the subject of interest has a GPS beacon or a smartphone which is not the case for wildlife photography or when filming multiple subjects. 
Do you have an API to develop other custom applications?
Right now, we’re fully committed to making the experience of drone film-makers as easy and intuitive as possible. We will be developing and refining all the applications for film-makers ourselves. We do however intend to support custom apps in the future and if you have an idea for an app that will help film-makers please drop us a line. We love you and we’d love to talk to you!!