FullTilt Purchased by European Company?

In a new wrinkle to the drama caused by online poker’s Black Friday in April, it seems FullTilt could have finally found the financial relief necessary to pay American players. Over the past week the world’s second largest poker site had been rumored to been bought out by Jack Binion, had their gaming license revoked by the Alderney Gambling Control Commission, and now might have actually found a suitable investor in their company.  According to an LA Times article published on Thursday an anonymous company has agreed to an undisclosed amount to help FullTilt get out of their financial issues.

To understand what is happening now one must go back well before the April 15th crackdown of American online poker by the US government.  It seems for some time FullTilt was accepting player deposits with very little way to actually collect the funds.  This allowed the site to be owed some $60,000,000 from their players.  Unfortunately when April 15th hit and many payment processors (and funds) were seized or frozen FullTilt was left with very little cashflow and books that would make an accountant’s head spin.  While PokerStars was able to pay back more then $120,000,000 to American players within …

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A Word on Retro togel hongkong hari ini

Maybe you’ve always wanted to play blackjack but you’re a little intimidated. You’ve read up on strategy and have played friendly games at home wagering with peanuts. You’re still a little worried about starting a real game, though, partly because of the money involved. There are two ways to handle this problem. The first, as I have written about before, is by playing free online blackjack. Most online casinos have free blackjack games that you can play using fake money. The free games give you the change to practice your basic strategy without risking any of your money.

Once you have that down, though, you will logically want to step up to a real money game. While the upside of the free blackjack games is that you don’t risk losing any money, the downside is that you can’t win any money, either. With real money games, there is greater risk but there is also greater reward.

It would be foolish to go straight from the free games to high-stakes togel hongkong hari ini tables. Betting hundreds on each hand may not be a good idea for anyone and if it is, it’s only for the rich and experienced blackjack players. …

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Review of More Hold’em Excellence

More Hold’em Excellence is renowned Card Player author Lou Krieger’s follow-on to his book Hold’em Excellence. While the first was an introduction playing a winning game of Texas Hold’em, the second goes further than just the basics, attempting to impart the correct decision making skills in the reader so they can take their game to an even higher level.

I would divide this book into three sections. The first section deals with some review material and gives general advice on topics like position, what decisions are more important, being aggressive, etc.. In my opinion, the review material is tedious in any sequel such as this one, but it was probably the publisher’s decision to include it. It’s also short enough not to be terribly distracting. The general advice looks generally correct to me, but most players who have played a little and read Krieger’s previous book, Hold’em Excellence, and have played a bit are likely to be able to answer a reasonable quiz on the section without having read it.

What I would categorize as the second section deals with starting hands and how they relate to position in more depth than in the author’s previous book. Most of the …

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ravensburger puzzles

How to Diamond Painting with Our Kiddos?

We all know that we’re now living in a challenging time. As the consequences of the pandemic, most things shut down and we stuck at home all the time. We have to work from home and our kiddos homeschooling. There’s no activity for them but sticking with their devices all the time. Frankly, I have to say that I’m sick of seeing that terrible scenery. And that’s when I came up with the idea of Making Diamond Painting Together.

At first, I wasn’t sure that Diamond Painting would really hold my kiddos’ attention. But I was wrong, Holy God, they hooked on it. Then, how to Diamond Painting with them? Of course, I’ll leave my suggestions below.

1. Which one is their favorite kit?

I put this on the top because it’s super important. If you want them to stay for a long while to Diamond Painting with you, then you must pick their favorite pattern, not yours. You can take a look at our Beginner Collection which contains various choices suit your kids: Unicorn, Chibi Princess, Cartoon, etc.

Ask them which one they love and get it for them. It’s the best way to make them happy with Diamond …

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Unique Casino

The Biggest FreeRoll Poker Tournament

RoyalVegasPoker.comThe amazing growth of online poker is poised to cross another threshold with the poker world’s first freeroll tournament to offer cash prizes totaling $100,000. Yes, that’s right: a hundred-thousand dollar freeroll prize pool — there’s no entry fee required — and all you have to do to win your share is play.

While tournaments with prize pools of $100,000 are rather commonplace these days, prize money is always contributed by the competitors, along with a fee that goes to the internet site or land-based casino that’s hosting the event. But there’s a big difference here: All of the money in this tournament — except for five-dollar rebuys during the first hour of play and a five-dollar add-on — will be contributed by the host site, Royal Vegas Poker, a leading Internet poker site.

If all this sounds interesting, and you’d like to be among the many players chasing all that money, here are the details you need to know.

The tournament is slated for Saturday night, December 18, 2004 at 8:00 PM EST, so mark your calendars and don’t make any other plans. The game is no-limit Texas hold’em, and entry may be gained by meeting any one of …

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Craps can be an intimidating game for the beginner. The table seems to have about a hundred different kinds of bets, the players are barking out commands in what seems to be a foreign language, and the pace is too fast to ever ask a question. I can sympathize with the beginner because it wasn’t that long ago that this was how craps appeared to me.

If this is how you view the game I have good news. There is one fundamental bet that almost all players make. You can easily get by knowing just this bet your first time. As you get more experienced you can add more bets to your repertoire. After just your first five minutes you should feel comfortable with the flow of the game and can start acting natural, like you’ve been a craps player for years.

Critical to the understanding of craps is that it is a game of rounds. The first roll in a round is called the come out roll. Sometimes the outcome of a round will be determined on the come out roll. In particular a 2, 3, 7, 11, or 12 on the come out roll immediately ends a round. …

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Togel singapore

Pemenang Jackpot $115K Senang Dia Tetap Bermain Slot + Jackpot 3 Juta Dolar di Slotastic!

wad-vegasmania-jackpot-90.jpgSeorang guru pendidikan khusus bernama Sara M senang dia melewatkan malam clubbing dengan teman-teman demi malam yang tenang di rumah bermain mesin slot online. Dia sedang bermain mesin slot Vegas Mania ketika dia mendapatkan jackpot dan memenangkan $115,803.

“Teman-teman saya ingin saya pergi keluar dengan mereka, tetapi entah bagaimana saya merasa lebih ingin tinggal di malam itu,” kata pemenang. “Sebagian dari diri saya memang ingin keluar tetapi pada akhirnya saya senang saya hanya membuat minuman dan menetap di malam hari dengan bermain slot alih-alih pergi clubbing!”

“Teman-teman saya terkadang mengolok-olok saya Togel singapore ketika saya lebih suka bermain slot daripada pergi keluar, tetapi setelah malam yang luar biasa itu saya tidak berpikir saya akan digoda terlalu banyak!”

Ada dua pemenang jackpot progresif besar di WinADay.com pada bulan Desember, tetapi ini adalah yang pertama tahun ini. Setelah kemenangan jackpot $ 198K yang memecahkan rekor di mesin slot Heavenly Reels sebelum Natal, pemain lain memenangkan $ 109K bermain Gold Boom di akhir bulan.

Dengan peluncuran permainan video poker keempat bulan lalu, WinADay.com sekarang memiliki 11 permainan unik di lobinya: enam mesin slot unik dan empat permainan video poker. Semua mesin slot terikat dengan jackpot progresif WinADay.

Jackpot Jutaan Dolar Tersedia untuk …

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Translation Companies UK

Dutch Translation at Translation Companies UK

Dutch translation service at Translation Agency UK:

Translation Agency UK offers a complete Dutch translation service, turning a wide range of documents from English into Dutch and from Dutch into English. All this work is undertaken by native speakers of the target language. This ensures that the results always meet the highest linguistic standards.

Your translation matters to us and we never compromise on quality.

Our Dutch translation service has been designed to satisfy all the needs of any potential client. Our experts have all been selected for their command of their original language as well as for their know-how in specialist areas.

The team provides swift and accurate translation from Dutch to English and English to Dutch in the following subject areas:

 Biochemistry  Automotive  Information technology

 Insurance  General subject matter  Law  Engineering

 Advertising  Marketing  Administration

 Telecommunication & Media  Environmental

 Finance & Banking

Clients can be assured that our french translation service produces excellent results that are always on time and on target.

Speed and volume

Our dutch translation service achieves an average turnaround of 6,000 words per day and per translator.


Our dutch translation service is carried out by highly recommended professionals whose credentials have been thoroughly checked.


Our …

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Crypto Gambling

Bitcoin Accepted! Peach Becomes Japan’s First Airline to Jump Aboard with Crypto Gambling

Peach Aviation, the Japanese low-cost carrier owned by Japan’s largest Airline, ANA, becomes the first in the country to allow fliers to pay for tickets with bitcoin.

Get exclusive analysis of bitcoin and learn from our trading tutorials. Join Hacked.com for just $39 now.

In a first, a Japanese airline will accept bitcoin for tickets amid the rising popularity of bitcoin in the region. Announced today, Peach’s decision to accept the world’s most popular cryptocurrency comes following a handful of significant recent legal changes.

Chief among them is Japan’s classification of bitcoin as a recognized method of legal payment after passing bills to underline digital currencies as the digital equivalent of paper money last year. Come July, Japan will now longer impose the 8% consumption tax rate on bitcoin buying through exchanges. All of which has led to Japan becoming the world’s leading market for bitcoin trading in recent months.

The airline is aiming to soar on bitcoin’s popularity by collaborating with local governments and companies in Japan to help ‘spread usage’ of bitcoin, the company told reporters in Tokyo on Monday. There’s plenty of momentum for such a cause, with up to 260,000 Japanese retail storefronts set to accept …

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