The Monty slot hoki Memorial (Luckbox’s Report)

Well, I did just about as poorly as I thought I would. I won one showdown. You can read that again. I finished 37th out of 77. Here’s the raw report:

Took 4 hands for the table to see the first flop… I raised on the button with A-Q off, and got re-raised. I called, the flop was garbage. He bet 100 and I folded. Not worth it. It took 6 hands for us to see a turn. I’d say our table is tight.

Big Slick in early position. Raise 3x and called. Flop is slot hoki I bet 75 and the guy comes over the top all-in. I fold. Not worth it. He claims KJ. It’s mstephen, same guy who beat me last time.

I’m already down to 1175… Only really played two hands, AQ and AK, both times forced off. Could be a long night (um… I mean short tourney).

I limped with suited connectors and, of course, got raised. That’s it, time to play the only strategy I know. Fold, fold, fold.

Hammer in the BB. Everyone folds… HAMMER wins.

I just realized if the table is going to be very tight, I need to adjust and become more aggressive. The most aggressive player is winning the table right now. Too bad I’m not a good “aggressive” player.

First big hand and a flush beat a straight. Elguacho doubles up at mstephan’s expense.

I raise 3x BB with A-T s and everyone folds.

We’re already up to 25/50 blinds and I’m down to 1115. Hardly a hand worth playing at this point.

Raised with K-J o in late position and everyone folded.

Pocket 4’s in the BB and short stack limps in front of me. I figure I’ll put him all in, but it’s raised by the small blind and I fold. Flop is Q-3-4 and I’m pissed. Of course, short stack had pocket Q’s so the small blind saved me money!

A-8 s, and I raise… small blind calls. Flop is red, I’m looking for black. He goes all in and I fold.

A-T s again and I raise 3x BB. They all fold.

K-Q s and I raise from first position. Everyone still folds. I just raised 2x BB.

I’m down to just 940. I haven’t really won a hand. Blinds are at 50-100 for just 4 more minutes, then 75-150. Ouch. Gotta make a move.

Down to 765 with blinds only and we’ve hit the point where it’s all in or nothing for most players. I just folded K-Q o in first position because I wasn’t willing to go all in with it. Flop would have missed me so I don’t feel so bad.

BB, and it’s 8-3 o, great hand. Amazingly I get to check it through, but the flop is nowhere close and I can’t bet it. After my pathetic 9-5 o SB hand, I’m down to just 540.

One entire circuit, one face card (Jack), no connectors, no two of the same suit. Ouch.

Q-3 s in the big blind and it’s raised in front of me. I have to fold.

Rockets in the SB, I better double up!!! Instead, I triple up!! Flop doesn’t help them, and it’s so fast, I don’t know what they had. I’m up to 1320.

Just folded A-8 s on the button when it was raised and re-raised in front of me. BB then went all in. Glad I folded.

First break. There are 47 people left, and I am in 42nd place with just 1020. I need to make another move. Maybe I’ll get American Airlines again.

A-2 o in first position and I briefly considered moving all-in. I’m not that stupid, am I?

9-3 s in BB. Ugh. I’m down to 720.

5-3 o in SB. Double Ugh. I’m down to 570.

Another circuit with no face cards. I’m about to go all-in with nothing and pray.

Mstephan just made a HUGE move when his KK beat QQ and AK with 2 all-ins. He’s up to 8790.

6-6 in the BB and I’m going all-in. Except everyone folded.

3-3 in the SB and I’m going all in. I get called by J-10 and a J on the turn does me in. Had to make the move. I’m out in 37th. What a terribly boring tournament for me.