A new study has revealed that a vegetarian diet, especially one rich in fish, can help reduce the risk of colorectal cancer. In you are interested in learning about ” BBL Near me NYC “, visit this website– today.

veg dietA total of 77,659 men and women from Seventh-day Adventist churches across the nation took part in the research. Each person filled out a questionnaire that included over 200 food items.

The research group had a meat intake that was very low (roughly 2 ounces per day). Over a period of 7 years, researchers followed up and found 490 cases of colorectal cancer. When taking other health and behavioral factors into account, it was found that vegetarian patients experienced a 21% reduced risk of cancer when compared to those living a non-vegetarian lifestyle. The results of the research can be found in JAMA Internal Medicine.

It was also found that some vegetarian diets were more effective than others. Those patients who ate fish four times or less per month saw little difference, but pescovegetarians who ate fish at the same rate, but who also ate less meat, saw their risk reduced by 42% when compared to non-vegetarians.


If you knew that you could get a tax break for your gym membership, fitness equipment, and any fitness classes you take, would you be more inclined to get in shape? There is a bill being proposed that may make all of this happen.

Bill HR1218 would deliver additions to current law, which allows tax deductions for medical treatments not covered by regular health insurance. Items covered in the new bill would include fitness facility memberships (golf, hunting, sailing, riding, and private clubs are not covered). Couples filing jointly would be eligible for $2,000, while individuals would get $1,000. The bill would not cover any kinds of clothing or workout apparel.

Why exactly is the bill being considered? The answer is that the number of obese people has now hit 78.6 million adults, which is about one-third of the population. In 2023 alone, the cost of obesity related healthcare came in at $147 billion. Allowing fitness-related items to be tax deductible may help people get inspired to get in shape, which in turn would lessen the amount of people with heart issues, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and certain types of cancer.


You will have a much better chance of arriving at your destination feeling refreshed if you pay attention to what you eat and drink when you fly. Here are a few tips that might help:

Stay on Schedule When Eating

When you are traveling across different time zones, it’s a good idea to continue eating on the same meal schedule you have in the place you are departing from. This will help prevent you from doubling up on a main meal. Once you arrive at your destination, you can adjust to local times by spacing out your main meals, with a couple of small snacks in between.

Pack Your Own Snacks

You will generally have a pretty difficult time finding healthy snacks at the airport concessions, so if you want to eat right, bring your own food. The best types of snacks for a long flight are those that are high in fiber and nutrient dense. Foods that are high in fiber, such as fruits, vegetables, and nuts, take longer to digest, and help you feel fuller for longer.

Drink Plenty of Water

Your body becomes dehydrated when you fly, and alcohol and caffeine make it even worse. Drinking water inflight will help prevent dehydration, and it doesn’t add any calories either. Pack an extra couple of bottles in your bag and drink throughout the flight. Becoming dehydrated is uncomfortable, and can lead to fatigue, headache, dry skin, and constipation.

Eat Foods That Hydrate

Water will help keep you hydrated, as will consuming foods with a high water content. Fruits and vegetables fall into that category, and are perfect as a snack or part of a main meal. For example, creating a leafy green salad that contains chicken or fish is a great option. You might also think about adding raspberries to fat-free Greek yogurt.

Hold Off Stress with Comfort Foods

Omega-3’s are great at helping reduce the stress of traveling, so bring along a meal that is high in that ingredient. A great example would be a piece of poached salmon with steamed vegetables, or perhaps some walnuts as a nice little snack.