Queens New York Home Staging Tips

Queens Home and real estate brokers Bronx Staging Tips, by the Queens Home Team at Neal Modi | Remax Frontier. Need help? Feel free to Contact Us anytime. It is clear from watching real estate shows, that home staging sells. It doesn’t necessarily make or break a sale, but it can certainly result in more or better offers. Preparation is key, and when it comes to staging, it always helps to sell property quicker and for more money. Question: How far do you go and what is the most cost effective way to go about the home staging process in Queens NY?

What we like to do is suggest low cost, manageable staging tips which can help the house look better in the photos and show better during viewings. These little tips can make a huge difference, and if you take the time to do a little preparation, you can pretty much guarantee that the return on your investment will be there.

Below is a list of common staging tips that we recommend to our seller clients. Most of these are free or low cost, the main investment will be your time. If you have any questions or would like some expert advice, feel free to Contact Us anytime.

  1. Do not personalize

Buyers need to picture themselves in the house you are trying to sell – not you. Remove as many pictures and personal items as possible so the buyer is not distracted. Allow the buyer a chance to see the house for themselves and (or) their family.

  1. Maximize

Declutter and maximize the space in your home as much as possible.

Closets packed tight with all your clothes make a place looks like it lacks closet space. You may consider temporarily storing the overflow offsite or have a clean out session prior to listing the house. Also clear closets of unnecessary clutter, and organize to maximize the amount of open storage space you are showing off to potential buyers. Use boxes stacked together to hold and hide the clutter.

Bedrooms should appear to be a place of relaxation and comfort, with a clear purpose. Remove anything (office furniture, power strips, etc) that might take away from the central purpose of the bedroom.

Adding a few decorative items creates a focal point to the room, especially at eye level on top of dressers.

  1. Clean and Sanitize

This is by far the easiest and cheapest way to stage your home and add value to it. Sometimes using a cleaning company can make the properties show 10 times better.