Party Makeup – Explained by Morpheus8 Treatment Atlanta

Party make up includes bright lipstick, turquoise mascara, glitter.

Eye shadows: If you are looking forward to Morpheus8 Treatment Atlanta

Lots of sparkling powder eye shadow is available and in lots of color. It should applied with a damp brush so that it doesn’t not spill on cheeks.


These are available in lots of bright colors like violet and green. If you need just a hint of color then brush it on the tips of your lashes only.


Eyebrow color should match with the color of mascara. Put a little mascara on the eyebrow brush. Blot the brush with tissue, then brush your eyebrows with it.

Prom Makeup

Prom night is near and what better way to celebrate Spring than a formal dinner and dance with a stunning, flirty dress? Whether you have a date or you’re going solo, prom is your night to glow with your own glamour and unique style. Prom night figures as a big event in most teen lives. There’s nothing better than planning your dress, shoes, makeup and hair. Be sure to practice a few days before Prom or print out your favorite look and take it to a makeup counter for expert application.

For a very dramatic look, try some shimmer on the face and eye. Use Flash powder to add shimmer.

Trying out a celebrity’s look is a great idea for prom because changes are a professional makeup artist perfected the look just so you can copy it.

For better pictures, use loose translucent powder on your face to cut down on your “shine” factor. Take along a compact of pressed powder for some quick touch-ups. You’ll have those prom pictures for years, so don’t forget these 3 things: apply liner & lipstick with a mirror before you pose and powder your oily areas.

Select a foundation that is one shade lighter than your own, and gently place around the eye area or any other area with deepening lines. This is important, because you don’t want your regular foundation welling in those lines, looking darker, and emphasizing the lines you’re attempting to hide. You, too, can be picture perfect if you select the correct makeup.

Add some shimmer powder on the high points of the face.

Use three complimenting colors on the eyes and blend, blend, blend.

Using a lip pencil (not too dark), draw just outside your natural lip line. Then, fill in with the color of your choice all the way to the lip’s edge. Now, place a little shade of white glimmer stick right in the center of each lip, top and bottom.

If you want to play up your eyes, go all out with liner, shadow, mascara & even false eyelashes.