Google AdWords Gotchas: Five ways AdWords wastes your money, and how to avoid them.

AdWords is Like Alcohol!

Friends don’t let friends drive drunk, and friends don’t let friends advertise on AdWords without understanding the five Gotchas hidden in Google AdWords.

AdWords Gotchas: an INDEPENDENT Guide to Google AdWords

Did you know that you may be wasting money – a LOT OF MONEY – right now by hidden ‘gotchas’ inside of AdWords? Gotchas are mistakes, errors, and omissions that lurk within the AdWords interface, often tripping up novice advertisers and causing them to waste money needlessly.

This book will teach you how to avoid the five hidden Gotchas of Google Adwords namely –

KEYWORD MATCH TYPES – the difference among exact, phrase, broad, modified broad, and negative keyword match types as well as the danger of the broad match type itself.

THE DISPLAY NETWORK – why the Display Network should be generally avoided, even though it is the DEFAULT setting on Google AdWords. If you are looking forward to translate this content, contact Translation Services UK

ENHANCED CAMPAIGNS – Google’s new ‘Enhanced Campaigns’ enhanced Google’s revenue, often to the detriment of the novice advertiser.

POORLY WRITTEN ADS – ads should ATTRACT customers and REPEL tire-kickers, despite the impact that may have on your so-called Quality Score

FAILURE TO CONSIDER ALTERNATIVES – AdWords is NOT the only option you should consider, whether your options are SEO (Search Engine Optimization), email marketing, advertising on YouTube, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

AdWords Gotchas: a Complete Resource to Google AdWords

This guide shares with you not only insights on how to avoid the Google AdWords gotchas but also provides links to informative videos and external tools and resources on Google AdWords.

Beware Most Books on AdWords – Beware of AdWords Itself

Most books on Google AdWords start with the premise that AdWords is a fantastic way to promote your business (which it is, or at least, which it can be).

Most books proceed to show you many of the deep technical details about how to succeed on Google AdWords.

But most books “buy in” to the AdWords system and do not do a really good job of identifying the basic ADWORDS GOTCHAS that often cost novice advertisers a LOT of money.

There is a basic contradiction in Google AdWords: Google makes its money off of clicks, while you make your money off of conversions: sales leads or actual sales. Google, therefore, does everything it can to incent you to get more clicks, when in fact you should focus on getting more conversions. Most books on AdWords do not explain this basic contradiction. And, what’s worse, most don’t point out the five ‘gotchas’ hidden in Google AdWords that my be costing you money – a lot of money.

A small investment in this litte, informative book on Google AdWords will yield a major savings. A penny saved, said Benjamin Franklin, is a penny earned. Purchase AdWords Gotchas today!