How to Find a Lost Drone With GPS Trackers [Video Guide]

There is a strong possibility that your drone can be crashed while flying or just lost control.

This could be you, but we have a solution.

In such situation, it becomes very hard to find the drone because all the drones don’t come up with GPS tracking technology.

But thankfully, there are third party GPS- based trackers available on the internet which can help you to track your drone easily without any hassle.

As there are so many GPS trackers for drones available on the internet, it gets a bit difficult to find the best one for yourself.

Well, not anymore as today, we will be talking about the importance and usage of GPS tracker and we will also tell you about the best GPS trackers that you can get to track your drone. So, let’s quickly get started.


What is GPS tracker?

A GPS tracker is a physical device which helps you connect to your drone in order to get the location anytime without any hassle. GPS trackers also shows the longitudinal and latitudinal points of the drone which means that GPS tracker gives you all the real time based information of your drone even if it is crashed somewhere.


You can easily locate the crashed drone with the help of GPS trackers. The best thing about GPS tracker is that it also shows that in which direction is the drone moving so if anyone tries to pick your crashed drone then you can catch him red handed.


Why is GPS tracker so important?

I have seen some people who invest loads of dollars to get a powerful drone with top notch features but they don’t invest even a single dollar for a GPS tracker which is foolishness because GPS tracker is very important in keeping your drone near to you.

It is that device which helps you in finding your drone if it gets lost so you should always invest in order to buy a good GPS tracker for your drone because safety comes first..


How to use GPS trackers?

GPS tracker is a very small device which needs to be connected to your drone in order to track it. It is not a heavy or huge seized device so it won’t increases the weight of your drone.

Every GPS tracker has its own application which can be downloaded for windows, macos, android and ios devices without any hassle. This application will let you see the current location of your drone along with some other features.

Some GPS trackers also lets you find your drone through google maps too which makes it much easier to find your drone.

This was the definition, importance and usage of the GPS trackers. Now, we will talk about the best GPS trackers that you can get to keep your drone safe.


Best GPS trackers to keep your drone safe

There are a lot of GPS trackers available that you can buy right now. We have done a lot of research to come up with best ones for you. Let’s get started with the first GPS tracker which is capable of providing the real time location of your drone.



30% of Drone Owners Lost Their Drone Never to be Found – Trackimo Claims.

Trackimo is a lightweight GPS tracker which is available for the cost of $139.

  • Trackimo is capable of providing you the location of your drone by coordinating with the satellites through cellular network.
  • Trackimo comes with an application which can be downloaded for both android/ios platforms. This application lets you to connect to the trackimo and find the location of your drone.
  • Great thing about trackimo GPS tracker is the fact that it comes with a waterproof case. It means that if you accidentally crash your drone into water. It will still be able to provide you the real time location of your drone and obviously, if you want then you can ping the drone manually in order to display the real time location.

Overall, this GPS tracker is a very good option of you are looking for a GPS tracker under a decent budget to keep your drone safe.


Flytrex live 3g

Flytrex live 3g is another expensive GPS tracker on this list. It is available for approx $189 but it offer a good value for the money that you are paying for it.

  • It is based on GPS technology and it also provides the real time location of your drone to you via cellular network.
  • It has a 3g slim slot in it where you will need to insert your 3g sim card in order to make the GPS tracker tell you the location of your drone.
  • One more great thing about flytrex live 3g is the fact that it is compatible with google maps. You can easily find your drone through directly the google maps directions which will make your job of finding the position of your lost drone much easier.
  • The best part about flytrex live 3g is that it can provide the technical positioning details of the drone while you fly it. For example, it can tell you the altitude, speed, distance and some more things about your drone which makes it even better.


Flytrex live 3g is a great price of tech which is not only lightweight and secure but it also provides you the real-time location, altitur, speed, distance, ascent of your drone.



So, these were the importance and usage method of GPS trackers. We also told you about the best GPS trackers for your drone to keep it safe and secure.

There are more options available in the market for a cheaper price but we recommend you to spend at least a good amount on GPS trackers as their job is to make your expensive drones safe for you.

You can buy any of the mentioned GPS trackers without any hassle as they will be the perfect choice which will tell you about the real-time location of lost drone.


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