An uneventful เเทงหวยออนไลน์

I played the first $216 FTOPS tournament today. I made it two and a half hours in, through a third of the field, before busting out of the money.

For the most part of the tournament I was card dead. I played the entire event with a below average stack, and didn’t even see a showdown until I busted. The last hand I got all in with a pair vs draw, but my pair lost the 60/40 race and it was over for me.

On the bright side I won two satellites to the tournament today, netting me a $16 profit for the day 🙂

Another satellite win – super!

I’m running well in these เเทงหวยออนไลน์ satellites on Full Tilt. So far i’ve spent about $300 and around 5 hours on satellites and won a seat in the $530 and $1,060 events.

I super satellited my way into the $1,060 event tonight. First I won a $24 super satellite to get an entry into the $150 satellite and then I won the $150 satellite to the $1k tourney a few hours later.

The field was pretty easy and for the most part it was waiting for hands to bust the inexperienced players. I was lucky enough to get some good hands and capitalize a lot on the donk play. For instance, the fourth hand I managed to get my KK’s all in preflop against QTs, which doubled my stack right away.

It wasn’t till the final 6 players when it was apparent that everyone was playing well. At that point it was mostly tournament strategy and the cards were almost irrelevant. I was lucky to be in position of the short stacks, so I was able to avoid getting in marginal situations with them while stealing everyone else’s blinds as they were waiting for the short stacks to bust.

In the past when i’ve won satellites, I just cashed out and added it to my bankroll. I’ve done this with satellite wins ranging from $200 to $2600 on stars. I guess I’m a bit of a nit. Full tilt locks you in the tournaments though, so I have to play these. I’m glad though, because i’ll have a shot at scoring a big win and if I don’t then at least i won’t be wondering ‘what if?’

Running Hot – ready for the battle of the bloggers tourney

Actually I’m running standard, if not a bit cold, in terms of wins, but the poker gods decided to entertain me today with some big hands. Within a 20 minute time frame I won a $290 pot with quads (vs the top full house) and then a $167 pot with a royal flush.

Oh, and sorry for the 2month hiatus in posting here. I haven’t been in the mood to blog about my self lately. I’ve fallen to far into the all math, no gamble, bankroll management style of poker to have an exciting poker blog. Instead i’ve been putting most of my effort into Poker on a Mac. I also have some secret plans for Donkit in the future.